Clinical Contact

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Phone 0411 634496

Legacy Contact

Post Nyrang Health Team
PO Box 37
Canowindra NSW 2804
Fax 02 8330 5520

Please note that it is now the 21st century, and we only have a fax facility because your practice is out of date. It is costing you, and costing us, thousands of dollars each year in unproductive manual busywork. Please do the right thing and Send Digital!

General Contact

SMS 0411 634496

Do not send patient information via email or SMS.

We only commit to answering the phone between 1-3pm Mon-Thu.

However, we do monitor voicemail and SMS messages, and will often respond outside these hours, especially if it'a health pro calling

Partner on Chronic Patients

If you're a health professional with patients who live or work in Canowindra NSW, we're interested in partnering with you to put a GP-led Care Team around your chronically ill patient.

If we setup a Care Plan for the Patient, you could ask:

  • to be included in the Team Care Arrangements for a Patient;
  • to be included in a focused 20-minute case-conference with all health providers who undertake responsibilities to the Patient;
  • to have Dr Bullock join-in on the Patient-side of your Tele-health consult.

Medicare will accept a claim for Dr Bullock's involvement in any of the above high-value activities.

Case-Conferences are normally held in-person at the CWA Rooms, Canowindra, on the 4th Wednesday of a month, 12pm-1pm (3 pts discussed). However, let’s find a time or tele-conference option which works for you.