Day(s) Hours Status
1pm–3pm Calling Session taking and making calls/SMS, calling back re messages.
Other Times Watching messages for anything urgent, but leaving most things till next Calling Session.


At the moment because of the COVID-19 lock-down, we may offer you a tele-health consultation.

The 3 offerings are currently:

1. Phone Only - we will call you on the number you give us when you book

2. HealthDirect Video Call - Dr Bullock will choose your booked appointment from the waiting room at https://vcc.healthdirect.org.au/t/nyranghealthteam/join

3. Zoom - we will SMS you a meeting number when you book

Please note:

  • All consultations are by appointment only.
  • It is normal for the GP to be up to 10 mins late.
  • If it is likely to be longer, we will attempt to contact you to change your appointment time.

Tips for Apple iOS users

1. Apple iPhone needs to be iOS 12 or later.

2. Apple Safari version needs to be Version 11.4+

3. Make sure they are not running another app that might be using the camera.

4. When they get this point of the link up (i.e. waiting for you to join). Make sure that they have clicked on the camera icon and can see themselves. (per pic below)

Can the participant see themselves in the waiting room?

5. And finally make sure Safari has permission to use the camera in the phone settings. Open ‘Settings”, find Safari, scroll down to find “Microphone & Camera Access” and activate this setting (as per pic below)

Camera settings in Safari